Summer Pool Party

Tagline: The sun 🌞 is hot but the water 💦 is cool. Come splash and play at a party in the pool….. Our little kiddos enjoyed the pool party before the vacation
All l need is a good dose of vitamin sea.The beach is calling and l must go….
So the little kiddos at Ojas Public School are enjoying the vibes of beach by colouring it.

1st Annual Sports

Christmas Carnival 2023


Kids have always enjoyed science experiments. There’s something very mysterious and fascinating in watching a chemical reaction. So here are our kids enjoying chalk making experiment.

Fun + training= #Ojaspublicschool

29th March 2023

Glimpses of the performances by the students of Ojas Public School on their inauguration day held on 29.03.2023
ojas public school celebrated the 74th Republic Day and Saraswati Puja with much joy and fervour.
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February 7th 2023

ojas public school Monthly test