Every parent has big dreams for their child to be able to – provide world class education that will be both enjoyable and relevant. The child will discover his or her strength and be successful not just in school and college, but also in life. The goal is to make learning fun so that children are less pressurized and develop the love of learning from a young age. We provide a solid foundation to the little ones who come under our wings brimming with their parent’s aspirations and their own effervescence and energy, through modern infrastructure, timeless values and the confidence and ability to meet all challenges in life and come out victorious.

The Front Office

The front office is the main contact point for all the visitors and parents and is open from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, from Monday to Friday during school term.

Office staff can advise parents on most school matters and procedures. Services include enrolment, payments of contribution, purchase of school uniforms and forwarding messages to students. If collecting children early from classes, please do so through our front office. Meetings with Teaching Staff and Principal are usually arranged through the Front Office.


Our vision is to create tomorrow’s leaders who strive for academic excellence by acquiring knowledge through experiences and in process, evolve into lifelong learners with a sense of conviction and commitment. We aspire to create responsible, confident and well-rounded individuals to achieve their full potential. OJAS PUBLIC SCHOOL will do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment where everyone is equal and all achievements celebrated,


To nurture inquiring young minds.

Since every child is unique and have a different attributes, it is our constant Endeavour to hone the talent of each OPSIAN. The mission of OPS Fraternity is to provide challenging environment, boundless opportunities thereby unlocking infinite potential in every student. Our learning experiences, while remaining rooted in Indian values, will enable them to become successful leaders and effective communicators who can adapt effortlessly to a culturally diverse and ever-changing world.


The school will provide regular medical facilities to its staff and students. The school clinic will functions throughout the day providing first-aid and immediate medical attention. Periodical medical check-ups of every student will be carried out and records will be maintained. In case a child needs special medical attention and treatment, parents will be informed and specialized doctors on roll will be contacted.

Ojas Public School_Final
The school logo articulates its goals, dreams and aspirations through its aptly chosen colors and symbols each signifying its own individual importance.
Colors used in logo

The Colors used in the logo are unique in its ways and essence.
They include:-

White is the color of perfection, purity, innocence and serenity. It is complete in itself.

Gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph. It is associated with high ideals, wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment.

Brown is symbolic of a keen sense of duty and responsibility. It also relates to quality in everything.


Shield protects the school and its fraternity from being attacked, exposed to danger or subjected to difficulty.


Star is the symbol of fame, love and charity. Each student at school is a star, celebrity and a performer.


Laurel Leaves stands for knowledge, learning, success and achievements. Each student also look towards the future and a wish for future success.

Open Book

Open Book with pen signifies quality education and knowledge is shared towards promoting excellence


Graduation hat denotes the step by step evolution of the student and achieving the level of expertise and knowledge.